Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pending Tags....

I was seriously thinking of joining the WP bandwagon for some days now. And since Swaram's awesome conversion, my mind is not at all here. It wants to be a part of WP.

We should be the change that we want to see in the world. So, I am changing to WP for experiencing the changes that I wanted so badly in Blogspot. Put it that way, I dont feel so bad.
HeHeHe, Gave a new meaning to that line, to suit me.

So, to read my pending tags by Nancy and Swaram, please visit me at

I'll be waiting there, to welcome you all to my new pages !!!!!
I am off right now, as I've some WORDs PRESSing me to publish them. See you at WP !
Also, remember to follow my blogs using my new link !!!!

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