Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unforgettable day of my life

At last, I've found the courage to write about this. Its been 2 years that this incident happened in my home and now, I've decided to type it out. The reason being that letting it out will bring solace to my heart and soul.
We had shifted to our new flat in the May of 2006 and all the wood work were done by July end.
At this time, Srini got a Faber Chimney (Mesh type) and had it fixed. I was elated and proud
about my new home and it looked great.
It was the 25th of Dec, 2006 and I had my house full of people who had come for vacation - my
mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and family, my sister-in-law and family. Actually, I love having people around and I was sure that this vacation will be a memorable one.
My new maid of 1 month, was there to help me prepare breakfast. I told her to fry puris and I had just gone out of the kitchen to serve coffee for my in-laws and puris for kids. Everybody was so excited meeting with each other, the kids loved eating puris and even the elders were waiting to bite into breakfast. As the kids were finishing, I was calling all the others to join for breakfast.
Suddenly, from my living room, I could see flames from my oil pan and the chimney was fast
catching it, as the chimney was ON and it was sucking the fumes of oil. It was an accident, where
water from wet hands or whatever has sprayed on the hot oil and the result was total chaos. From a moment of happiness and laughter, we were all pushed into tears and sadness over the whole incident. All of us stood there watching helplessly, my chimney burn, melt and fall onto my gas stove beneath it. In a matter of 30 mins, nothing was left of the chimney and my gas stove also fell prey to this.
Here, I have to thank the three men, Srini, Ramesh anna (my brother-in-law), Govindarajan
athimber (my sister-in-law's husband), who stood like pillars of strength, especially for me. They cleaned up the kitchen which was totally filled with black soot, re-painted the kitchen walls, bought me a new gas stove and made many an effort to make me feel better. My heartfelt gratitude for these 3 strong men, who helped the whole family to have a good time together.
I wanted to talk about it, mainly cry about it to somebody. But I thought that it was better that the whole incident is forgotten about, and I carried on. But, I used to get disturbing dreams that something is burning. When we go out, I used to think that I've left something on my gas and it was burning.
I felt miserable with these disturbing thoughts. One side, my heart wants to forget the incident and on the other hand, I am getting these dreams. Oh God, what should I do?
In the month of April, I just happened to see a small white patch in my forehead. Everybody said that it was a sunburn. But it was the beginning of VITILIGO or LEUKODERMA. When Allopathy medicines didn't help, I sought the help of a homeopath. He was a Godsend to me. Whether he gave me good medicines or not, he counselled me very well. This person instructed me to talk about the chimney incident to as many people as possible. The more I talk about it, the less stressful I'll be. This stress on my unconscious mind had triggered this Vitiligo, which is basically melanin deficiency. And I started losing the colour of my skin in patches all over the body.
After his counselling, I've spoken to many a people about this and of course, I've taken
homeopathy medicines for one year and it did help me a lot. Now I am under Ayurveda
medication and I hope that it will help me to overcome this Vitiligo. I am healing a lot with this
ayurvedic medicines, thanks to the courage of my loved ones.
But more than all these medicines, the most important thing is always thinking good and positive about future. I've built upon my friends circle here, so that there is always somebody to whom I
can express my concerns and fears. I also try and keep myself busy, eventually not giving scope to the mind for unnecessary thoughts. I had gone for yoga classes for 4 months and the pranayams have really helped me heal. Now I am going for dancexercise classes. My idea is to join in group activities as they make you healthy in mind and body.
Thank you dear ones, for listening to me ! It made me feel better.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make your life worthy !

Today's newspaper carried an article in the Sunday magazine. It was a neatly written incident which emphasizes the fact that how working husband and wife are always on the run and don't even think of a hug for each other. Tears filled up my eyes while reading it and I could really sympathise with her situation.
This poses the million dollar question - should both husband and wife have a career for
themselves ? Yes, they both can have a career, provided they don't live with their in-laws and they don't have kids. They can enjoy their work and life. Credit should be given to those couples who are able to manage all these efficiently, but it does take a toll on the workload a person can handle. But couples living with kids, in-laws need to think about the need for both partners to be working.
What are we gaining or losing by this double salary ? While gaining is always on the materialistic things in life, these couples lose out on the simple joys of living.
How much money is good enough to run the household? The amount required increases with the salary increase. And people start going on crazy shopping spree, buying what all they like
instead of buying what they need. So, after sometime the house is full of junk which u like but
there is no need for it in your life. Is this the requirement for the double salary ?
What are these simple joys of living, which have been lost in the run for money ? A simple hug, a loving touch, a kiss on the cheek, kind word, to be there during the times of need, the first step / word of a baby and the list is endless. There are so many people in this career world who have not enjoyed some of these joys. And let me tell u, unless you have really experienced it first hand, the joy cannot be explained in words.
And for partners who work, please do take out time from the busy, regular routine and enjoy it
with the people you love and work for. It is not the matter of taking your children out to expensive shopping trips / restaurants. The most important thing is to know what's happening in their little lives. Talk with your loved ones, give them a hug whenever possible, pledge your love to them, tell them you'll be there for them.
This will make your life more happy and worthy to live.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Your wish will be granted !

This is amazing but true ! These true incidents which I want to share, have changed my thinking a lot. Let me explain these experiences first.
Srini, my wonderful husband, is so lovable, caring and a great person to be with. And he always
makes sure that our daughters get the quality time with him, even though the work pressure is
very high for him. But the past 1 year has been highly hectic for Srini and he was very much into official work all 24 * 7.
Even though he took great efforts to spend the same quality time with the girls, the workload was getting into his personal time also. When we did go out during weekends, Srini was constantly being called on the phone ( Dont u think that this mobile phone has snatched quality family moments from us ?). Even though the girls didnt mind or notice this, I was feeling very unhappy about the situation.
I wanted the situation to change - I wanted Srini to have more leisure time to spend with our girls, as it was before this high work pressure.
It was a Saturday and I was talking aloud my thoughts to my friend. I wished loudly ( for the whole world to hear ?) and prayed sincerely for it to happen.
Sunday morning - I got up early and had made idly, sambar and chutney for breakfast. I was
waiting for Srini and the girls to wake up so that we can have breakfast together.
MIRACLE - Srini wakes up, comes to me and says "If u have made breakfast, just pack it. Wake
up the girls, we're going for a long drive. We can stop the car on the way, and have breakfast in a
natural surrounding." I was so happy. I thanked the whole universe for listening to my loud wish which was granted to me in a day. Things have changed a lot after wishing aloud and I am happy to tell u that we have many quality family moments, as before.
2nd experience.
This is about a person who stays in my apartment. I know her for sometime. Whenever we meet, we used to talk well and share a lot of things. But because she's working, more interaction was not possible between us. Generally we meet during our evening walks.
But suddenly, I noticed a change in her. She was not talking to me like before. Even though this
didnt bother me so much, I really wished to know the reason behind this sudden change. And
surprisingly, I got a Hi5 request from her.
Now, I again did the same thing - I wished loudly for things to change.
MIRACLE - Two days later, I met her in a shop nearby, and she couldn't stop talking to me. She
went on and on about the things that are happenning and kindly enquired about me and my
family. I am happy and surprised.

What does these experiences teach me ? I thought so much and this is what I've realised :- When u wish aloud - it reaches to all the corners of this universe. And all the elements in this
universe and the people around u make it happen for u.
I think this is all to do with positive vibes around u. Instead of sulking about a situation and always talking about the wrong / bad things happening to u, talk about the change u wish for. Talk about the positive things that u want to happen in ur life. Talk loudly - either to yourself or find somebody to talk to. I can assure u that the whole world will conspire to grant u the wish.